Kentucky gambling domain seizure

Kentucky gambling domain seizure lyton casino

The Black Friday indictments also included a separate and far more sucessful seizure and takedown of four prominent US-facing online poker domains: Tired of waiting for real slots, Churchill Downs settles for Instant Racing machines.

It's hard enough to find good domain names today, let alone trying to ensure you don't select anything that someone may come and try to take from gamhling. Preordering is broken, and here's how to fix the system. Court Of Appeals Overturns Kentucky Gambling Domain Seizure from the good-ruling dept Back in September, the state of Kentucky tried to seize over domain namesclaiming gamvling violated a local state law against "gambling devices. We'll just slot machines real money ignorant in the future about something non-technology related. Get the latest news on Kentucky here. Teach them to be responsible for their actions before the state says "yea, they are an adult now and will be tried as one.

CDT Urges Kentucky Courts to Reverse Course on Gambling Domain (1) CDT files brief opposing Kentucky's seizure of domain names. A Kentucky court order authorizing the seizure of overseas domains has been overturned by the the Kentucky Court of Appeals. The court ruled that the. Back in September, the state of Kentucky tried to seize over domain names, claiming they violated a local state law against "gambling devices." None of the.

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