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If you have a CPLyou can carry your firearm concealed pretty much anywhere unless the property explicitly prohibits the carrying of pistols as well as fireatm following pistol free zones:.

That being said, there are a few reasons you shouldn't carry at a privately owned place where you see a "No Guns" sign:. It also contains detrokt nearly identical list of exemptions in subsection 5. Can I carry on Federal Property? Take the class, you will be glad you did! This applies to any casinoo owned by the Corps of a Engineers. Note, the above statute [ Thus, if you are carrying a pistol while driving to a Pistol-Free Zone, it is perfectly legal to leave your handgun in your car.

Can you legally open carry a firearm in Michigan? hospital; A dormitory or classroom of a community college, college or university; A casino. The pistol is only subject to seizure if the holder is carrying it concealed, except in casinos. In a casino the pistol is subject to seizure whether carried concealed. This includes carrying concealed pistols at Schools, bars, casinos and hospitals as well If you have a CPL, you can carry your firearm concealed pretty much.

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